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make Way for Ducklings
By Robert Macloski SP?

This is another caldecott medal, am slowly chipping away at the list. 
Should be an easy validation, needing just a spell check. 74 pages under the 
.rtf section of the website.

Just any old place won't do for raising a family of ducklings. Mr. Mallard 
thought the pond in the Boston Public Garden would be just right, especially 
with the swan boats bringing all those people, and all those peanuts. But 
Mrs. Mallard knew right away that the park was not a safe place for babies. 
A quiet island in the Charles River, however, proved just right for bringing 
up a new family-eight fluffy ducklings in all. And after her brood had 
learned to swim and dive, to walk in a line, and to come when called, Mrs. 
Mallard knew the time was right. They would all return to the Public Garden. 
But though the ducklings were old enough to look out for themselves, they 
couldn't fly. How to move them across the highway, down busy streets and 
intersections? Mrs. Mallard didn't make a fuss. She just set off at a proud 
waddle and the ducklings filed along behind her. The people of Boston would 
just have to make way!

This brilliantly illustrated, amusingly observed tale of Mallards on the 
move has won the hearts of generations of readers. Awarded the Caldecott 
Medal as "the most distinguished American picture book for children" in 
1941, it has since become a favorite of millions, children and adults alike, 
as "one of the merriest picture-books ever... told in very few words with a 
gravity that underscores the delightful comedy of the pictures."

       -The New York Times

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