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Here We Go Again was put into the collection a month ago. It's at 

Sorry! Carrie

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Hi everyone, finally submitted for your proofing  pleasure.  thank you so much 
Misha, and Doug and Valery Maples for helping  me with page numbers and chapter 
titles.  But was a great lead and the lady  in question, Betty White just had 
her 89th Birthday.
And I might be a bit interested bing I have her  namesake for a guide dog right 
Anyway is up for grabs for anyone looking for a  simple proof.
ISBN:    0-684-80042-X
Title:   Here We Go Again: My Life In  Television
Author(s):   Betty White
Publisher:   Simon  & Schuster
Copyright Date:   1995
Copyrighted  By:   Betty White
Brief Synopsis:   Autobiography of  Betty White, noted actress, television star 
and animal lover, who has been  involved in television since it began.
Long Synopsis:   "Here is  Betty White-a woman who has been on television 
forever!" is generally how Betty  White is introduced. And quite accurately, 
since she first appeared in  1949, when both she and television were rank 
beginners. Since then, Betty White  has had one of the most amazing careers in
TV, including Life with Elizabeth  in 1952 (which brought her her first Emmy), 
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and, in  1985, The Golden Girls, for which she
won her fifth Emmy. In addition to many  successful sitcoms, she also made 
innumerable visits, both as guest and host, to  the popular shows of several 
game shows, then variety shows, then  talk shows. She sang and danced with 
Burnett and Sonny and Cher; guessed  answers with Jack Paar and Allen Ludden
(whom she later married); and chatted  with Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, David 
Letterman, and many others. Here We Go  Again gives an overview of television's
golden era and is packed full of  wonderful anecdotes about the many famous 
personalities with whom Betty has  worked. It also gives a fascinating 
look at television over  five decades, from Betty's first show Hollywood on 
Television, which ran live  five and a half hours a day, six days a week 
three hours per week!),  to her current television work. In addition, the book 
talks about Betty's  personal life-how her hectic career caused strain in
her relationships and  how she finally found happiness with her third husband, 
the late talk show host  Allen Ludden. Here We Go Again is just as warm and
funny as its author and  will thrill her many fans and delight all of those who 
are interested in the  history of America's most popular form of entertainment.
BETTY WHITE began  her career in television after a brief start in radio. She 
produced and starred  in her own syndicated television series. Life with 
and  subsequently starred in The Betty White Show in 1954 and Date with the 
Angels  from 1958 to 1959. Following her portrayal of Sue Ann Nivens, the  
television hostess on The Mary Tyler Moore Show from 1973 to 1977,  she 
in the situation comedy The Betty White Show from 1977 to 1978 and  played
Ellen on Mama's Family in 1983. Most recently she has starred in The  Golden 
Girls, for which she won her fifth Emmy award, and Golden Palace. She  also
narrated the Tournament of Roses Parade on network television for twenty  
and for ten years covered the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. A  committed
animal lover, she has been honored by numerous organizations for  her 
to animal health and welfare; she has worked with the Morris  Animal Foundation
for twenty-five years. She is the author of three previous  books: Leading Lady 
(with Tom Sullivan), Betty White: In Person, and Pet Love.  She lives in
Los Angeles. 
Comments:   This book has been read  through. the page numbers and chapter 
positions were varified with two sighted  volunteers. Captions are labeled as 
Blank pages have no text as far  as I am able to tell. there are a lot of 
names in this book which may  mess up the spell check. Book should not be
marked adult. If you have  questions please contact me: juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Adult  content:   No
Language:   English US 
Book  Quality:   EXCELLENT
Categories:   Entertainment,  Nonfiction, Biographies and Memoirs 
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