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O.k. another book up for grabs, just submitted to the books to be checked out page.

Should be a fairly easy proof.

Book Information

 Eddie and Louella

 Carolyn Haywood


 Copyright Date:

 Copyrighted By:
 Carolyn Haywood

 Brief Synopsis:
Eddie, is at it again, when his parrot is loaned to a hotel for a charity ball, Eddie doesn't get the parrot he owns, but another in return, can he find Louella and reunite the parrot he has with its rightful owners?

 Long Synopsis:
Eddie Wilson was always bringing home stray animals. He seemed to draw lost dogs like a magnet. So Eddie's pets were always changing-all except Louella, the parrot from Texas. At first she had kept saying, "Texas is better!" but Eddie taught her to say, "Eddie is best!" Along with other parrot owners, Eddie was asked to lend his parrot to liven up the palm-tree decorations at a charity ball. Imagine Eddie's feelings when he got back a parrot that said "Old Sourpuss!" instead of "Eddie is best!" In the first place, it had not been at all easy to get Louella to the charity ball. Eddie had become the prisoner of a relentlessly revolving hotel front door, from which he had extricated himself and Louella only after the most harrowing experiences. He had also managed to acquire a dog, his fellow captive in the revolving door. The only prize offered to the reader who guesses what happens next is the delectable experience of reading this simply super book, as Eddie would say, which no one in the world but Miss Haywood could have written.

has been read through. Should be an easy proof. most page numbers appear to be present and accounted for. if you have any questions please write juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx

 Adult content:


 Book Quality:

 Children's Books, Animals, Literature and Fiction

Shelley L. Rhodes, VRT
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