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Wow! I'm looking forward to reading this one! I just read A CHILD CALLED IT 
and have the others in this series, so I'm looking forward to this one, too! 
I hardly ever read series in order, but I think I'm going to read Dave 
Pelzer's in order...I think it might be a bit crazy not to. *smile* Take 
Julie Morales
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Book submitted, needs a spell check.

A Brother's Journey
By Richard Pelzer

From the Book Jacket:

The story of how one little boy found the courage to survive years of
physical abuse-and how the human spirit can triumph over even the most
severe of circumstances.

in A Child Called "It," a book that has sold millions of copies around the
world, Dave Pelzer told a story of horrific abuse, describing the terrible
treatment he received at the hands of his mother and his brother Richard.
Fortunately for Dave, he was removed from the Pelzer household by the time
he was twelve years old.
Unfortunately for Richard, his mother needed a new scapegoat for her wrath,
a new target for her alcohol-fueled anger. Turning to her middle son, she
began treating him the same way she had treated Dave. Now it was Richard who
received nocturnal beatings, had Tabasco sauce poured down his throat, was
denied clean clothes, and was kicked and slapped to the point of needing
hospitalization. Abuse became the reality of Richard Pelzer's daily life.
Yet he survived. This is his story.

Richard B. Pelzer is the younger brother of Dave Pelzer, the bestselling
author of Help Yourself and the acclaimed trilogy of personal memoirs, A
Child Called "It," The Lost Boy, and A Man Called Dave. Richard lives
outside of Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife and four children.

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