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Hi Jackie,
Even though chapter headings are in different fonts, we can't represent that
in Bookshare books.  So, simply treat all of them the same, bolding and
enlarging to 16 point in whatever font you are using.  Easy as pie.  
Let me know if you need clarification.


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Ok, here's the deal, the book is uploaded and ready for you.

The book is a little different than just a normal print book. The chapters
that are "Day" are printed in a gold colored font, which wasn't too bad
scanning wise, but I can't replicate that Bookshare-wise. The chapters that
are "June" are printed in black and a Times type of font. The gold ones are
more like an Arial font.

I know Bookshare doesn't like multiple fonts in files so you might want to
ask Mayrie about the best way to deal with this. I left the fonts the way
they scanned.

I did note a few places where the word is really misspelled in the print
book. You'll find my note to proofreader in those places.

Hmmm what else? Oh yes, chapters aren't really noted like normal print books
have them. They're just labeled DAY or JUNE. You might want to get with
Valerie on the best way to make those work with the Daisy file. I confess
that I just don't know; I know I should know but I don't.

That's all I can think of for now. The book must be pretty new because I can
only keep it until the 24th. If you have ANY questions about what is in the
print book just email me at mirxtech@xxxxxxxxx but any questions after
Wednesday morning I might not get to until around the 22nd. I work a seven
10 hour nights in a row schedule and email gets put way on the back burner
during that time.

Have fun! It looks like this is the author's first book. Maybe there will be
a sequel some day.

Jamie in Michigan
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