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  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 11:29:19 -0700 (PDT)


I'd say just release it. There may be Kurzweill
volunteers who aren't on the list to reply who will
take it. Or  has it been on the download list forever?
How long has it been there? If more than six months, I
revise my comment and would agree with you that if no
one replies in a few days--maybe a week, because
students are returning to school and getting settled
and may not read their mail for a few days--reject it.


--- k4zq <k4zq@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes Ma'am, but that wasn't the real question. 
> Question was, does someone with Kersweil wanna pick
> the book up and give it a try, or should I put it in
> the Recycle Bin.
> Ernie
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>   Hi Ernie,
>   The best thing to do under these circumstances is
> to release the book. To do this, go to your Step 2
> page, and below the title/author info of each book
> you have out for validation you'll find a link that
> says Release followed by the book title. Release the
> book, and voila, it goes back to Step 1 where kes
> users can have another crack at it.
>   Hth,
>   Kellie
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