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But Kaitlyn,  if the pattern of optical noise on the page were. . . ahaem. 
. . intriguing, you may want to edit the pattern to improve its 
'accessibility', rather than remove it.  Adult blind readers are people 
too! [chuckles]


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Please respond to


[bksvol-discuss] Re: Blank pages in a book?

Thank-you for the input here. The suggestions everyone has put out I kind 
thought were right. If I am unsure I will edit carefully:) 

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If they're random and just junk characters that you're sure weren't 

to be something of importance, yes, remove them, but keep blank pages 
intact. It helps to maintain proper pagination. Take care.
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Okay, when validating a book I am finding at times a page where I am
guessing was a picture but now... There may be a line or two of text and
then a number of lines of randum chars. In cases like this should we 
the randum chars?


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