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Netta, if I were proofing this book, I would remove the blank lines.  I
doubt that they are in the print text, but that is only a guess.

Have you turned on "Show all" to see if they are paragraph marks? If so,
they should have been removed when you did the previous removal.

"Show all" is control+shift+the number eight on the top row of the keyboard.

This command is useful in seeing some formatting, but it shows every space
as a bullet. I use it to see what character is used for a blank line and
sometimes if I am confused by something.

It is a toggle so use the same keystrokes to turn the thing off.


Lori C.



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Hey guys; 

In the book I am proofing, there are blank lines between dialogues of two
people. Like below: 

Gurrll, guess what?" Shan was almost jumping up and down 

she shouted at her best friend Brianna through the phone. 


"Why are you screaming?" Brianna asked with obvious agitation.


"I got the job, girl! I got the J-mutha f***' O-B!"


So, my question is am I suppose to delete the blank lines between the
dialogues. I already did a global replace on the extra blank lines, I think.
I've haven't encountered this problem before (especially after I learned how
to delete the extra blank lines) so I am getting lost. Honestly, I'm
thinking of dumping this copy and starting over from my last document. 

Any and all help would be helpful but I will wait to hear back from you guys
before I dump the copy and start over. 



"Just because you are blind does not mean you lack vision"-Stevie Wonder 


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