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Definitely, leave the verses IMO. Yes, it can be annoying when trying to
just read through, but if I'm looking something up I need verses there.

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A Bible without verse numbers is useless for looking things up. Besides,
some bookshare readers are braille users like myself. I would certainly
prefer verse numbers.


On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Marissa Mika wrote:

> Hello folks,
> We've received a very nice version of the King James version of the
> Bible to put on Bookshare.org. We're currently testing the files
> in-house, and I had a question about formatting for all of you
> volunteers who are also users. Would you prefer that individual verses
> are designated in addition to chapters? Or do you prefer the individual
> chapters to be labeled but not the verses?
> I think the implications are that you can listen to a number after
> virtually every two sentences or listen to a number about every 20 or 30
> sentences.
> Let me know the verdict about the better option.
> Marissa

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