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I'll certainly get the Stephen King novel! (If Stephen King published a grocery 
list, it would zip up the bestseller list, no doubt! :-)) I can't guarantee 
it'll be in the collection within 24 hours though...

In other news, I'm going to be on vacation from October 31st to November 10th, 
so I'm training the people at work to take over my two of my main 
responsibilities - buying and processing the bestsellers and student requests. 
I'm hoping I can whittle the approval and rejection queues down by the time I 

Also, please check out the Master List when it's updated next week. The titles 
(but not authors unfortunately) of 3150 publisher books were added recently.


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Do you plan on getting the new Stephen King book when it comes out in 
mid-November?  No doubt it will be a best-seller but will you get it like you 
did the Lost Symbol?
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