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I'll attach the article. a trick I've learned for easier reading of articles on the web, especially those with multiple pages is to click on the link that says print, assuming there is one. Usually, you can escape out of the dialog for printing, and the article will be there in a nicely readable format.

Melissa Smith

On 11/23/2011 5:42 PM, Kim Friedman wrote:
Hi, Melissa, I followed the link in your message and got to the Cooking
Light web site. Those cookbooks sound intriguing but they're
interspersed with a lot of photos and stuff. I'd like to get the list so
I can salivate and imagine those recipes. Happy Thanksgiving. I still
have cookbooks I can send to any interested scanning person who loves
scanning cookbooks (good luck and better you than me). Regards, Kim

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I just found this list of the best cookbooks of the last 25 years, and
am thinking that any that are not on Bookshare would be nice additions.
I'm busy baking for Thanksgiving, so haven't had a chance to check which

ones are in the collection. I will when I get a chance, unless someone
wants to check it out before I get a chance.

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