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Cool! That sounds really interesting. They'll all be up before the month is

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> No, Allison. I meant that when I was persuaded not to
> feel guilty for reading books that I wasn't  scanning
> for bookshare, and I was waiting to start the Skye
> O'Malley series, I read The Kadin. Also,  if you read
> Until You, you'll remember that Rosamund Bolton was in
> love with Patrick Glenkick and there were references
> to his kidnapped daughter. I wanted to know what that
> was about, so I read The Kadin. The historical parts
> have to to with Sulamein the Great and his father and
> that period of time in the Ottoman Empire, as well, of
> course, as the customs there. Having read, also, The
> Speckled Monster, about the difficult but successful
> efforts of Lady Mary Montague in England and Dr.
> Samuel Boylston in Boston to innoculate against
> smallpox (a very readable book -- not scholarly and
> dry -- so well written I even read the Notes afterward
> for  more information) I was surprised that Small uses
> a smallpox epidemic as a device (I won't spoil things
> by saying how), since what was called variolation
> (slightly different from vaccination but as effective)
> apparently was used in the Ottoman Empire even in the
> time she set her story -- but that would have spoiled
> her plot. BTW, the sex scenes in the Kadin are far
> less explicit than in her later books.
> Cindy
> Cindy
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