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I've promised it to Sue s.  It has four stories in it.


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Is anyone proofing it or tagged it for proofreading? Have you ever seen the
"If you go without playing the trumpet for one day, no one knows, two days,
only you know, and more than three days without practicing, girl you better
look out, because everyone will know!" 
Today, I find myself constantly saying those words, just to get myself
going, to not give up, and it works. Since I learned to play the trumpet at
the tender age of 10, I have spent so much passion and much diligence with
that instrument that I will not give up on it. Sometimes my instrument puts
me into awkward situations where I feel like they won't ever end, but the
trumpet gives me a lot of hope with the majestic, crystal-clear sound it
brings to my ears.
Chela Robles
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A Verry Merry Christmas" is an omnibus of modern Christmas romances.  I am
scanning it. 

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