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Hello Gary, 

What I have been seeing is more times than not it is the author but there
are times where you will see. 
Copyright XXXXX Publishing 
Or in the case of the Dale Carnegie book it was copyrighted by his daughters
I assume. 
Plus you always use the most recent copyright name and date. 

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1. The author's name goes first last (isn't that
nice?- I much prefer that).

2. I need to know more about the book. Sometimtes the
copyrgith info is difficult to find, especially when
the later book is a combination of earlier books, or
the author's copyright has expired or he/shenever had
one and either the estate, or an heir or trust, or the
publisher has the copyright. Are you sure there is no
symbol, .e., an encircled letter cee? Sometimes these
don't scan well.  If you send me the copyright page,
or the date and publisher, as well as title and
author,maybe I can find out for you.


-- Gary Petraccaro <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Couple of real "duh" questions:
> 1.  What order does the author's name go in?  First
> last?
> 2.  Copyright info says one thing (date and
> publisher), this has new information but does not
> say copyright in front of that--ie, copyright 1989,
> McGraw-Hill and then, 2002, Barnes and Noble.
> Which gets filled in.
> Thanks.

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