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Wow, these are difficult!
First of all, I checked Audible.com. They had the title, but I don't think
the authors are the same; you might want to look though.

In terms of a program that scans Hebrew:
If you Google Logos, they have various books within the Libronics program
that are Hebrew related. They also have the Hebrew fonts, and ability to
print but print only the books I believe. However, if you played with the
fonts, it might be possible for you to magnify them.

Also if you called them, they might have some suggestions.

People in Israel who speak Hebrew all day long hopefully would use something
to scan Hebrew. For those programming people out there, wouldn't all they
need be character sets imported somehow into the OCR package?
There must be ocr packages for different languages out there somewhere.

I wonder if Open Book from Freedom Scientific has such a thing, as Jaws
works with other languages, but I don't know which ones. Worth a call to
Freedom Scientific.


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  I sent the following e-mail to the wrong group. Therefore, I am resending
it but this time to the right e-mail address:


  I have a request. People at the church that I am going to want to read As
a Driven Leaf by Milton Steinberg. Through Kurzweil, I found a copy of and I
downloaded it. I presume that the book is not in excellent condition because
when I searched for it on the Bookshare website without the use of Kurzweil,
I couldn't find it. I want to know if someone could either rescan it or
validate it for me. I could do either one but obviously not both. If not, I
guess, I could get a copy from Amazon.com for under $5 and have Carrie scan
it at the Bookshare office and then I could validate it. People are starting
to read the book, right now so I want to get it ready as soon as possible.
In the past, there was an audio version available from the publisher but
this version is no longer available. Let me know if anyone is interested in
doing this project with me. My scanner is not capable of scanning old
versions of books and I am not even sure if it would be able to scan the
version from the library if the printing quality is poor .A

  On another note, I want to learn Hebrew and need a scanning program that
recognizes this language. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't read Braille
and the Hebrew letters are difficult for me to see without magnification.



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