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Correct.  The ones that are supposed to be hyphenated should stay as they 
are.  That is why I do not do a global find and replace for hyphenated 
words.  Otherwise, I put the word on the next page or line, and delete the 
unwanted letters on the previous page/line.  I only had two years of college 
as a music major, but spelling and English were my favorite subjects next to 
my music courses.  But the Growing Slowly Strong has a lot of scannos in it. 

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I understand that Book Share wants me to fix hyphenated words. What about if 
one part of the word starts on the next page? Do you want me to delete the 
hyphen and put the entire word on one page? Some words are naturally 
hyphenated. I guess this kind of hyphenation should not be corrected, right?


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