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Hi, Jill! It looks like several folks have already answered your question. Thanks, Mary, I didn't realize that K1000 viewed those zip files as a folder. Interesting! <Smile> If Mary's suggestion doesn't work, Jill, you may have to unzip the files first. Let me know if you need help with this. Take care!


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Mike and others following this thread,
I wonder if there is some confusion regarding the manner in which K1000 views a zip file. It sees a zip file as a folder. Thus, if you download a book on the step one page, called book.zip, and you download that to
your c: drive. If you wanted to access it from within k1k, without first uncompressing it, you'd open k1k, do a control o for the file open dialogue, then shift tab to get to the current folder, and use your arrow keys from
there to navigate left or out, however you want to think of it, to the c: drive. Then right arrow once to get to the level of folders that is just off the root. If book.zip isn't the first one that comes up, you can either arrow
down until you find it, or type a b to get to the first folder that starts with that letter, and if its not book.zip, keep doing that until book.zip gets focus. Then you tab to see the list of files in book.zip. K1000 sees that zip
file as a folder. So once you're in the file list, down arrow to select the one file in the folder and press enter. The file should open. So, if you don't want to, you need not separately decompress a zip file off the step one
page before accessing it in k1k.

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