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HI Corbett,
If a book has significant problems, I would suggest rejecting it.  Very
often it is more effective and less time consuming for a book to be
rescanned than it is for a proofreader to do the kind of work you're talking
Another option is, if you can, to rescan the troublesome pages yourself.  I
understand completely that not everyone has that option.  
Welcome, by the way, to volunteering!  It's great to have you with us!
Also, you do know that you can renew a book if you need to have it out for
proofreading for more than two weeks, right?  No one is going to pressure
you to finish a book in that amount of time.  And there is no problem with
renewing books for as long as it takes to get them proofread.  I have a book
that I've been waiting on text for for several months.  So, don't stress
about it if a book takes longer than two weeks to proofread!


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I'm a brand new proofreader for Bookshare.  My daughter depends on the
service so I figured I would volunteer.

My first book, Stoner McTavish, is very challenging.  I am used to scanned
text so I anticipated some of the errors.  But it has so many missing words
(and paragraphs) that I bought the book used because none of my 4
neighboring cities have it in their library.  It's taking me alot longer
than the 2 weeks to do the work because I had to get the copy so I could fix
the problems.  But I am determined to get this book into the Bookshare

In the future, if a book has significant scanning problems - like entire
pages of text are gobbly-goop - what should I do?

Thanks for your advice,
Corbett Joan O'Toole

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