[bksvol-discuss] Bad Boy Jack page number help

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 20:27:08 -0400

Dear Booksharian Friends,

I've finished proofreading Bad Boy Jack by Josephine Cox which has 632 
relatively short pages. The only print copy I could get is on interlibrary loan 
and has a different ISBN than the copy that was scanned. I believe the scanned 
book was either mass market paperback or large print. My book with identical 
text has 471 pages and is overdue.

I tried to keep my pages sequential though many scanned pages had no numbers. I 
was told in advance that this was a raw scan, and was glad to proofread it. The 
text scanned very well. 

Before I check in a book, I check that all pages are there. I'm in a mess. At 
about page 260, it seems some pages are missing, though I believe the text is 

At Amazon, I haven't figured how to get JAWS to read inside a book.

Can anyone get ISBN   978-0-7472-6640-2 and help me figure out where my 
numbering is off?

This is the story of a desperate father who leaves his 3 and 7 year old 
children at city hall. When he reconsiders and goes to get them back, it is 
closed and by the next day they are in a terrible orphanage and he is attacked 
and beaten nearly to death. 

The story is melodramatic, and reminds me both of Anne of Green Gables and 
Charles Dickens' novels about victimized children. Little Nancy is adopted by a 
rich but troubled family where she is meant to replace a child who died in 
questionable circumstances. Jack is adopted by a farmer. The father takes years 
to recover and then tries in vain to find his son and daughter. There's pathos, 
tears, suffering, cruelty, crime, tenderness and romance in this story. 

 From the posts I read here, I think several of you will love this book!

Thanks in advance for any help.

Also, thank you to everyone who sent birthday greetings to me and Evan. There 
are warm hearts and party  lovers here. 

Always with love,


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