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I didn't actually mean to just look at the percentage in the ranked spelling. I meant actually looking at the list of misspellings. I just find it easier to quickly look at the list than to do an actual spell check. I suppose I should have clarified a bit more.

Melissa Smith

On 2/21/2011 3:31 PM, Grace Pires wrote:

I agree that you have to look at more than the ranking number to make a decision. When I use K1000 to check on a book, I look for single letters as well as broken words. And of course a little spot checking.

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The only way I know is to download it and do some spot checking. I suppose you could do a ranked spelling and see what the percentage is, but that could be misleading if there are a lot of proper names and special words, as SF and Fantasy have. If a book is of poor quality, it won't take long to find out just reading here and there around the book.


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    I'm going through my shelves preparing books to be donated to a
    local library.  I don't want to donate a book just to find out
    that I should have bso-ed it.  We all know that some books were
    called excellent when they aren't by current standards.  Is there
    a quick way to figure out if a book needs bso-ing.


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