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I picked text formatted tab separated.

Luck of the draw.

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  Hey Bob and list. Which text format did you save the bks file in?
   I picked formatted text and didn't get the same stellar results you achieved 
from your conversion. 

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  Okay Sue--whose computer must be older than mine--here's a .txt version of 
the same file.


  Bob (wandering off muttering something about senior discounts for computers)
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    I hate to tell you this, but I do not have Excel, and when I try to open 
this attachment, and also the one you sent later, my computer says I do not 
have a program to perform this action and instructs me to go to control panel, 
options, and create one!!!  Quite obviously, my computer does not know me or it 
wouldn't say that.  (smile)

    Sue S.

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      A round of applause for Denise! She has captured your nominations for
      Bookshare Volunteers' Most Enjoyable Books. Using the power of a polling
      place monitor she limited everyone to five books maximum and came up with
      this list below and attached as a spreadsheet.

      Scott Rains
      Benetech Fellow

        A Prologue To Love
        Taylor Caldwell
        A Song Of Ice and Fire
        George RR Martin
        AD Chronicles Series
        Bodie and Brock Thoene
        An Equal Music 
        Vikram Seth 
        Neal Stephenson
        Anna Karenina 
        Leo Tolstoy
        As You Like It 
        William Shakespeare
        Beach Music 
        Pat Conroy
        Bratt Farrar 
        Josephine Tey
        James Still
        Circle of Love 
        Syrel Rogovin Leahy
        Codex Solara Series
        Jim Butcher
        Cold Mountain 
        Charles Frazier 
        Crime and Punishment
        Fydor Dostoevsky
        Darkness at Noon 
        Arthur Koestler
        Domina: A Beautiful Woman Doctor's Search for
        Professional Acceptance and the Man She Loves
        Barbara Wood
        Don Quixote 
        Dragonlance Chronicles
        Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
        East of Eden 
        John Steinbeck
        Gone with the Wind
        Margaret Mitchel
        Great Expectations
        Charles Dickens 
        Green Dolphin Street
        Elizabeth Goudge
        John Buchan
        Gulliver's Travels
        Jonathan Swift
        Handling Sin 
        Michael Malone
        Harry Potter series
        JK Rawling 
        Hearts in Atlantis
        Stephen King 
        Heavy Planet 
        Hal Clement
        Huckleberry Finn 
        Mark Twain
        Jane Eyre 
        Joanna Brady Series
        J A Jance
        John McNabb 
        John Buchan
        Jurassic Park 
        Michael Chrichton
        Just Kids 
        Patti Smith
        Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis
        Ashley Kahn, JimmyCobb
        Laura Risnick
        Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms
        Stephen Jay Gould
        Little Bee: A Novel
        Chris Cleave
        Little Dorrit 
        Charles Dickens 
        Little Women 
        Louisa May Alcott
        William Shakespeare
        Madame Secretary 
        Madelaine Albright
        Mare's War - 
        Tanita S Davis
        Men Martians and Machines
        Eric Frank Russell
        Mere Christianity
        C S Lewis 
        Mr Standfast 
        John Buchan
        My Sweet Audrina 
        VC Andrews
        O K*A*P*L*A*N MY K*A*P*L*A*N
        Leo Rosten 
        Oliver Twist 
        Charles Dickens
        One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
        Alexksandr Solzhenitsyn
        Oryx and Crape 
        Margaret Atwood
        Our Mutual Friend
        Charles Dickens 
        Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus Series
        Faye Kellerman
        Peter Wimsey mysteries
        Dorothy L Sayers
        Pilgrim's Progress
        John Bunyan
        Pillars of the Earth
        Ken Follett  
        Promises to Keep 
        T Davis Bunn 
        Dick Francis
        of the Purple Sage
        Zane Grey
        Romeo and Juliet 
        William Shakespeare
        Room: A Novel
        Emma Donoghue 
        Room: A Novel by Emma Donoghue Little Bee: A
        Chris Cleave 
        Sherlock Holmes novels
        Arthur Conan Doyle
        Singularity Sky 
        Charles Stross
        Six Hours One Friday
        Max Lucado 
        Stephanie Plum novels
        Janet Evanovich 
        Stones into Schools:
        Promoting Peace with Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan
        Greg Mortenson and Khaled Hosseini
        Such a Pretty Fat (Or Why Pie is Not the Answer)
        Jen Lancaster
        Sword Of Truth 
        Terry Goodkind 
        The Amelia Peabody books
        Elizabeth Peters
        The Anne of Green Gables series
        Lucy Maud Montgomery
        The Bible 
        The Blind Watchmaker
        Richard Dawkins
        The Blue Bottle Club
        Penelope J Stokes
        The Book of Qualities
        J Ruth Gendler 
        The Brothers K 
        David James Duncan
        The Captain Duncan McClain detective series
        Baynard Kendreck
        The Chronicles of Blood and Stone
        Robert Newcomb 
        The Culture of Disbelief
        Stephen L Carter
        The Dean's Watch 
        Elizabeth Goudge
        The Death Gate Cycle
        Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
        The Destinies of Blood and Stone
        Robert Newcomb
        The Diamond Age 
        Neal Stephenson
        The Grant County Series
        Karen Slaughter 
        The Grapes of Wrath
        John Steinbeck
        The Great Gatsby 
        Scott Fitzgerald 
        The Green Mile 
        Stephen King
        The Jane Rizzoli Novels
        Tess Gerritsen
        The Jesse Stone Novels
        Robert B Parker
        The Kitchen Madonna
        Rumer Godden
        The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickle
        Charles Dickens 
        The Lord of the Rings trilogy
        JRR Tolkien 
        The Martian Chronicles
        Ray Bradbury
        The McKetrick Series
        Linda Lael Miller
        The Passage 
        Justin Cronon
        The Poem of the Man-God
        Maria Valtorta 
        The Probability Broach
        L Neil Smith
        The Redwall Series
        Brian Jacques 
        The Stand 
        Stephen King 
        The Sunny Randall Novels
        Robert B Parker
        The Thirty-nine Steps
        John Buchan
        The Three Hostages
        John Buchan
        The Time Machine 
        H G Wells
        This Present Darkness
        Frank E Peretti 
        Thunder and Roses
        Mary Jo Putney
        Time Enough for Love
        Robert A Heinlein
        To Kill a Mockingbird
        Harper Lee
        Tom Sawyer 
        Mark Twain
        Uncommon Heroes  
        Dee Henderson
        Vampire Chronicles
        Anne Rice
        Karin Robards
        Brendon Sanderson
        Watership Down 
        Richard Adams 
        We Need to Talk About Kevin: A Novel
        Lionel Shriver 
        Wheel Of Time 
        Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson
        White Dragon in Fire Forged
        Laura Risnick
        White Lotus 
        John Hersey
        Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
        Edward Albee 

      On 1/3/11 11:20 AM, "Denise Thompson" <deniset@xxxxxxx> wrote:

      >Well folks we have over 100 books on our list. People really
      >responded. We had over 20 folks respond. I'm sending the list to
      >Scott. Thanks to everyone who sent in books.
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