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  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 21:23:39 -0500

I, too, strip my headers before submitting or uploading -- but what you say 
about the chapter headings worries me. Is this a new problem? I've been putting 
page number on the first line, then skipping a couple of lines before the 
Chapter heading, be it Chapter and a number or an actual title.  I hope they 
haven't been 
stripped.  And everyone wants page numbers (if you can't read the book at one 
sitting, even when you're reading to children, how do you know where you left 
Of what if they want you to go back to a particular page?  I do hope what you 
found, Dilsia, was an aberration. Maybe Jesse can clear it up for us (and 
another list of books being worked on or awaiting approval.)


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> I agree. I manually strip my own headers now before submitting, and
> even if everybody didn't do this, I'd rather see the headers left in
> than to lose information that the automatic stripper takes out. They
> just don't work the way that they should. Oh boy; here we go, talking
> about strippers again.
> Pam
> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 19:55:51 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hi List:
> >
> >One of my books was accepted today. I downloaded the book to find out if the 
> >chapter headings were stripped. I had skipped a couple of blank lines before 
each chapter number. Sure enough, all chapter headings are gone as well as 
other important headings. Apparently the trick of skipping a couple lines 
before each 
chapter heading is not working any more, if it ever did. Does the automatic 
stripper always have to be applied? Personally I always strip headers of books 
that I 
submit or validate. Another book that I validated all the numbers were 
stripped. The page numbers are important for this particular book because it's 
a choose 
your own adventure which tells you to turn to certain pages at different points 
in the story. I find it very annoying that even the chapter headings are 
stripped. I can 
understand the titles being stripped.  In my humble opinion, I rather have the 
page numbers be left in. It gives me an idea how far I am into the book. But at 
the chapter heading
>  s should
> >definitely be preserved. Any suggestions on how to preserve the chapter 
> >headings? 
> >
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> >Grace
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