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Thank you bless your heart,
I'll keep both  files I'm in shock thanks for sticking it out with me.

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  Hi Gwen!

      THROW A HUGE PARTY!!! And do it right now!!!        You fixed the page 
count problem!!!  

      Everyone else, stand up from your chairs and cheer!  Gwen's on her way 
now! And she'll be the only human alive never to have gained a pound by eating 
a huge portion of an elephant!

      In case anyone using Kurzweil 1000 version 11 has not been told yet, 
always remember to disable the "split long pages" setting in the conversion 
settings menu.  That's all that was messing up the page count in Gwen's books!

      Now Gwen is going to be the mad scanner!  And her books will have all of 
the pages beginning in the right places!  Go Gwen!  You were a real trooper to 
stick this out and courageouss not to give up with so many false starts.  But 
the book you just submitted is going to be a piece of cake to proofread.  
Please don't get rid of the print book yet, in case I need anything rescanned 
because the recognition engine had trouble recognizing any text, okay? And keep 
both the kes file and the rtf file until this is in the collection!  Just in 
case something happens?  But don't worry, it won't.  Just covering every single 
base here.  

      I guarantee you that I'll have this book up by 5:00 Friday afternoon 
Pacific Time.  It'll take me a few days, because I proofread every single word 
of every single page. And I'll shoot everyone here a note to tell them to 
celebrate when it's added to the collection!

  Congratulations!  You have been truly determined!  


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  I pray it's OK this time
  had to do it today
  I probably wouldn't have rested if I didn't wondering if I could!
  Now I gotta  rest!

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