[bksvol-discuss] Attention Experienced Validators

  • From: "Pat Price" <patlprice@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 15:22:16 -0400


Last night we were privileged to begin training on validating books for
Bookshare with an introduction to the process. It seems now that the next
step is to provide specific information about preparing the document for
final submission.

Since there are many methods to do this successfully, we would like to form
a panel of seasoned validators who will be willing to work as a team on

If you are experienced in this area and would like to share your expertise
with fellow volunteers, please let me know. We will then begin a systematic
plan to ensure the best and most accurate information is presented to new
validators and to others who have serious questions about the process.

Contact me directly, please, at:


Your anticipated help will be much appreciated.

Pat (Patricia) Price, Planning Committee Chair
Friends of Bookshare
Community Room:
Skype:  patprice1
Email:  pat@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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