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Also Monica, in the first year of ookshare volunteers, were not truly shown 
the "whole" book.

Smile.  We were shown a certain pain, was like the first and last 500 words 
and we had to decide from there if it was appropriate to add to the 

This was before Bookshare went life, which was a half year after I started 
working for them.

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>I can see both sides here.  I understand Bookshare staff wanting
>books to be rescanned.  On the flip side, some of the books that
>were submitted during the first 3 years are in in a condition that
>could be fixed by a normal validation procedure, (removing headers,
>inserting page breaks where the numbers already are, and fixing
>common scannos like cornpany for the word company.)  Many books in
>the good quality section are in this group.  I have felt both sad
>and somewhat annoyed that whoever validated these books didn't
>appear to make any efforts toward fixing obvious errors.  I guess
>requiring a rescan is intended to make sure we have the best copy possible.

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