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I think you need that chocolate you mentioned to
me--or maybe it's me.  Maybe I need the cocolate. Your
first and second sentences confuse me; they seem

My understanding is that only BRF and Ark--or is it
KES?--that have to be uploaded in their original form.
TXT and DOC can both be uploaded as rtf files, I
believe, though I may be wrong. I thought I had that
note saved in my bookshare instructions but now I
can't find it.


--- Gerald Hovas <geraldhovas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Shannon,
> All books are uploaded in RTF after validation with
> the possible exception
> of TXT.  If I remember correctly, Bookshare can
> handle upload of TXT files
> as RTF since RTF, or Rich Text Format, is a TXT, or
> text file, with text
> commands for specifying formatting.  In other words,
> RTF files are nothing
> more than text files with cryptic commands scattered
> throughout the text
> that provide formatting information.
> KES, ARK, and DOC files all have to be converted to
> RTF before uploading
> them in order for the Bookshare tools to be able to
> understand them and
> process them correctly (or incorrectly depending on
> how the Stripper feels
> that day <Smile>).
> Now that I think about it, BRF files may be an
> exception as well.  You'll
> have to ask someone else who validates the
> occasional BRF file about that,
> though.
> Should you have rejected your Papa book? If you are
> positive that the page
> breaks are missing, then you can reject it because
> Bookshare will not accept
> it like it is.  You also have the option of going to
> the added trouble of
> adding the page breaks back into the book. 
> Sometimes you can tell where
> they should be located because of the page
> numbering, but most of the time
> it requires a copy of the book.  You also have the
> third option of releasing
> it to allow someone else the option of adding the
> page breaks if you think
> that the book is a popular book and someone might
> want to go to the trouble
> of salvaging it.  If you do release it, then it
> would be nice if you'd tell
> the list about the problem, like you did.  That way
> others have an idea of
> what the problem is with the book since there's no
> other way of
> communicating the problem to other volunteers.  If
> you do release it, and
> you spot it still lingering on the download list a
> couple of months later,
> then you'd probably want to go ahead and reject it
> at that point to keep it
> from continuing to clutter up the list.
> It's really a matter of what you're comfortable with
> doing.  As you probably
> read earlier, Sarah rejected Brain by Robin Cook
> earlier today because of
> missing page breaks.
> Gerald
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> Okay Gerald thank you for the answers to both my
> queries.  The book I
> validated and accepted before getting the Papa was
> .rtf and had such obvious
> page breaks that I sensed something was wrong with
> the Papa book.
> But now I have one more, based on your message
> below.
> You said:
> The trick is to open the tXT file with Word then
> immediately save it as RTF
> or a .DOC file. until you're ready to upload.  At
> that time, it should be
> saved as an RTF file anyway.
> But isn't the book supposed to be uploaded in the
> original format that it
> was downloaded in?  So in the case of the
> troublesome Papa book, doesn't it
> have to be in .txt upon upload since it was .txt
> when I downloaded it?
> And also, should I have rejected the book instead of
> releasing it if I had
> the strong sense that the page numbers were not in
> that file?
> The last thing I want to do is give Gustavo, or any
> validator, grief by
> doing something wrong.
> Thanks again!
> Confusedly yours,
> Shannon
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>   Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Ariella Papa again
>   Hello again,
>   TXT files are notorious for not having page
> breaks.  If I remember
> correctly, Word doesn't handle TXT files properly
> and removes all the page
> breaks when you save the file as TXT.  The trick is
> to open the tXT file
> with Word then immediately save it as RTF or a .DOC
> file. until you're ready
> to upload.  At that time, it should be saved as an
> RTF file anyway.  The
> only reason I know of to convert to a .DOC file
> instead of to RTF right away
> is that .DOC allows you to spell check the document
> in multiple sessions
> without losing your progress and having to start
> over from the beginning.
> Most people don't worry about that, though, and just
> go ahead and convert to
> RTF right away.
>   It sounds like the page breaks were probably
> missing in the original file
> that you downloaded, though, which will mean an
> automatic rejection unless
> someone can find a copy of the book and add them to
> the file.
>   HTH
>   Gerald
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>   Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Ariella Papa again
>   Okay, it's me, the pesky newbie full of questions,
> again!I just released
> back to the download pool the book by Ariella Papa,
> called Bundle of Joy.
> the reason I did this was because to my way of
> thinking, the book did not
> look like it had page breaks, but I readily admit to
> being too much of a
> newbie at this to say for sure.  So I released it so
> that someone with more
> knowledge than me could look at it.  but was this
> the best way I could have
> done it, or would it be better to reject it with my
> comments?  The book I
> just validated and accepted had obvious page breaks,
> but this one looked
> like most of the pagebreaks happened when Word,
> (it's a .txt book I looked
> at in Word)), had a full page, not when there would
> be an actual page.  At
> the beginning and end of this book, there were quite
> obvious breaks, which
> is why I felt most of them were missing.  Any advice
> on how to handle this
> kind of thing better in the future?
>   Sorry for all the silly questions and any help or
> suggestions would be
> highly appreciated.
>   Shannon

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