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Gerald, as always, is correct (smile)--and a big asset
and help whenever help is needed! As he says, if you
convert to Word or RTF to work in and save it as that
and upload as that you'll be fine. Just don't go back
to txt, which eliminates not only page breaks but
special fonts like italics if there are any.

The symbol you had in front of the author's name is
the symbol fo copyright. Some books have both the
symbol and the word, others have just the symbol.


--- Gerald Hovas <geraldhovas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello again,
> TXT files are notorious for not having page breaks. 
> If I remember
> correctly, Word doesn't handle TXT files properly
> and removes all the page
> breaks when you save the file as TXT.  The trick is
> to open the tXT file
> with Word then immediately save it as RTF or a .DOC
> file. until you're ready
> to upload.  At that time, it should be saved as an
> RTF file anyway.  The
> only reason I know of to convert to a .DOC file
> instead of to RTF right away
> is that .DOC allows you to spell check the document
> in multiple sessions
> without losing your progress and having to start
> over from the beginning.
> Most people don't worry about that, though, and just
> go ahead and convert to
> RTF right away.
> It sounds like the page breaks were probably missing
> in the original file
> that you downloaded, though, which will mean an
> automatic rejection unless
> someone can find a copy of the book and add them to
> the file.
> Gerald
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> Okay, it's me, the pesky newbie full of questions,
> again!I just released
> back to the download pool the book by Ariella Papa,
> called Bundle of Joy.
> the reason I did this was because to my way of
> thinking, the book did not
> look like it had page breaks, but I readily admit to
> being too much of a
> newbie at this to say for sure.  So I released it so
> that someone with more
> knowledge than me could look at it.  but was this
> the best way I could have
> done it, or would it be better to reject it with my
> comments?  The book I
> just validated and accepted had obvious page breaks,
> but this one looked
> like most of the pagebreaks happened when Word,
> (it's a .txt book I looked
> at in Word)), had a full page, not when there would
> be an actual page.  At
> the beginning and end of this book, there were quite
> obvious breaks, which
> is why I felt most of them were missing.  Any advice
> on how to handle this
> kind of thing better in the future?
> Sorry for all the silly questions and any help or
> suggestions would be
> highly appreciated.
> Shannon

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