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if they could give options of 25, 50, 100 or view all that might be a good option for check out a book page

Laura Ann
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Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that I notified engineering about the missing renewal notices and it?s on their list of High Priority fixes so that should be taken care of shortly. I also made a case to them for restoring the option to view all records on a single page instead of capping it at 100, so that is on their radar as well. We definitely want to ensure that important functionality that existed on the old site is restored in the new site. Thanks for drawing attention to these issues. Am back on my feet more or less after a bout with the flu and finally able to catch up on Bookshare correspondence ? thank you all who sent your well-wishes ? they definitely helped!

All good things,

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Hi Mike,

Actually, three of Lissi's books expired without notice. I focused on the one that expired that I submitted because of the murky communication from Bookshare about what happened to it and my inability to find it. Fortunately, she was able to retrieve the other two from the Proofreading page. I resubmitted the "rejected" one and it is nearly ready for uploading to the Admin Queue.

Since Mayrie did get an expiration notice, the situation of not getting notices is obviously not universal, but Lissi's situation was not unique. It occurred to me that it may have something to do with the fact that all three books were submitted on the old site. Perhaps somehow the notices for these books were not sent out, while those for books submitted or renewed on the new site did go out. But that's sheer speculation at the moment. If it is valid, though, then this problem should clear itself up in a few days.


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Hi Evan, I lost one of my books the same way. I was counting on that reminder notice and by the time I figured something was wrong, someone else got the book. I sent a note to support, so maybe that will help.
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I guess they gotta find some way to justify their salaries. Some people aren't happy unless they can break something which already worked reasonably well.
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Are You Guys Getting Your "About to Expire" Notices?

Just wondering whether anyone else has had a book expire, or has renewed a book that was due to expire less than two days from the time you renewed it. I submitted a book for Lissi to validate and she did not get any notice that the book was due to expire in two days. Nor, did she gget a notification that the book actually had expired, which it did before she renewed it.

Are you all getting your notices? I've written to Pavi about this.

The book that expired was apparently picked up by someone else and, I think, rejected. I cannot tell for sure because the letter from Bookshare is a bit ambiguous, saying that the book "has not been added" to the collection. But it doesn't say what DID happen to it, whether it was kicked back to the list of books to be proofread, or sent to the rejection list. I checked my list of books that have been rejected and it wasn't there, and I did not find it on the list of books to be proofread. Needless to say, I have written to Pavi about this as well.

I am sorry to say that, given the lack of acknowledgement of books sent up to the Admin Queue, the lack of a quality analysis on the proofreading page,, the lack of expiration notices, the ambiguity of my recent letter from Bookshare, communication between Bookshare to its volunteers seems to be a lower priority than it used to be.

Yes, I know that Pavi said that they would work on the acknowledgement issue, but there seems to be a whole range of examples that indicate a lowering of interest in clear feedback to the volunteers.

I did not participate in the recent thread concerning not liking the new site, but I am afraid that I am beginning to think that in addition to some issues I have with the site, I am liking the new Bookshare less overall. They have built the site "from the ground up" as I believe they said, when perhaps they should have taken what worked well from the old site and added to it. Now they have to spend all this time fixing things that worked just fine before.


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