[bksvol-discuss] Re: Apparent lack of BRL page numbers

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Thanks.  Yes, the numbers aren't removed they don't appear to the reader
just like the DAISY numbers.  Thanks for all your help, kellie.


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Hi Prat and all,
I'm looking at the braille page numbering issue, and one thing I've
discovered is that Kurzweil doesn't actually remove these numbers as I
thought. It's just that they don't appear at the tops of the Kurzweil pages,
and this is because Bookshare's brf files contain no page breaks. The reason
for this is so that people can emboss the books if they want to. So at least
in Isabella, the numbers are sprinkled through the text when you read with
Kurzweil. Yea; I will be grateful for this next time I have to write a paper
with citations.

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