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I've submitted The Last True Cowboy by Kathleen Eagle to step one. It's very 
much a romance novel, so, if that's not your thing, this probably isn't the 
best book to validate. (Grin)

Kurzy gave it a 99.76 rating. Headers have been stripped. Page breaks and 
chapter headings have been protected. If you have any questions or concerns, 
feel free to contact:

Here's the synopsis:

A cowboy is as good as his word, but what if the words are "I love you?"

The first moment Julia Weslin sees K.C. Houston, she senses her world is about 
to be turned upside-down. The long, lean cowboy is the last of an untamed breed 
of men who live by their word and love by their own set of rules. And for 
Julia, who has returned to Wyoming and the cash-strapped High Horse Ranch, K.C 
is a dream come true. He can tame a spirited

horse with just a single touch, he offers to help save the ranch, and he 
awakens in her a need she thought she'd lost. But Julia knows that this sexy 
drifter would never break a promise, and while he's filled her days with loving 
and her nights with passion...

he's never told her that he'd stay forever.


Who can heal, but one who has healed herself? 
Who can know, but one who has asked and sought? 
Who can lead, but one who has traveled the way?
--ancient French proverb 

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