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Another really easy validation. Read through, blank pages are pictures. all chapter titles are protected from the stripper.

Raising Small Animals for Fun and Profit
By paul Villard

From the Book jacket:
Raising small animals can be, as everyone knows, a very absorbing hobby But few people know that it can also be profitable, either as a supplementary source of income or as a full- time business. And even fewer people know how to get started.

In fact, almost anyone can raise and market small animals easily and with very little investment. A spare bedroom, an attic or basement, a screened-in sun porch, or a small outbuilding is an excellent location for the establishment of a "farm."

Even an apartment dweller can have a small- animal business: in a few square feet you can raise many species of microscopic animals such as amoebas and hydras and sell them to laboratories and schools. With only a little more space, you can raise insects and worms for sale to pet stores as food for other animals, and other insects for sale to laboratories. You can start a tropical-fish business, in as large or small a space as you wish. You can raise mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, and other small mammals in very little space. If you are lucky enough to have space in the country, you can raise show poultry and game birds or start a full-scale mink farm.

But you have to know where to start, and how to determine what sort of business will suit the money and time you want to invest. That is why Raising Small Animals for Fun and Profit is an ideal introduction to this pleasant and practical occupation. From protozoa to mink, the book explains where to get breeding stock, how to raise and propagate the animals, where the market is. If you to raise small animals, reading this
book is important and throughout your venture
its suggestions and advice will save you
much trouble.

About the Author

Paul Villiard is a professional writer and photographer. He has written many other books about animals, including Reptiles as Pets, Exotic Fish as Pets, and Moths and How to Rear Them, and on other subjects, from nature photography to cabinetmaking. He also has from time to time been in the business of raising small animals; much of the information in Raising Small Animals for Fun and Profit comes directly from his own experience. Mr. Villiard and his family live in Saugerties, New York.

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