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Thanks, Gerald, I will use that format for protecting chapter titles.

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  I've wondered if the Stripper would accidentally strip a short line that is 
the end of a paragraph from the previous page, but I haven't had any problems 
with the few books I've worked on with page numbers at the bottom of the page.


  You'll need to add a false header above the chapter headings, though, to keep 
the Stripper from getting them.  I've been using the title and putting it above 
the chapter heading with a blank line in between, and the books come out fine, 
despite all of the other pages having their headers stripped manually instead 
of trying to normalize them.


  Jim once mentioned that they tried to recognize chapter headings when 
Bookshare developed the Stripper, so I'm wondering if the stripping of the 
chapter headings is a side effect of that attempt.  If I can find one of the 
books I've downloaded which has the chapter headings stripped, I'll look to see 
if they are stored in the NCX file along with the page numbers, or if they were 
completely stripped.







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  Dear Folks,


  I have a quandary that is perfectly suited to the collective experience of 
the people here.


  I have a book here with page numbers at the bottom of the page, not at the 
top.  I am wondering if I should move them to the top.  The book has no headers 
at the top of each page, and I would not be at all surprised if the stripper 
removed the first line of text from each page if it doesn't see something like 
a page number above it.  I have seen it remove titles at the beginnings of 
chapters when there was nothing above the title, even though all the headers at 
the tops of the other pages were removed.  I like to leave the book as close to 
the original as possible, but I don't trust that stripper as far as I could 
throw the computer it's running on.  Clearly, it does not just look for 
repeated text on successive pages that would indicate the presence of a header.


  What do people think?  Should I play it safe and move the page numbers? or 
can any of the more technically knowledgeable people here give me any assurance 
that leaving the page numbers where they are will not result in the first line 
of text from every page being removed if there is nothing above it except a 
page break and a blank line, which is the way it looks right now?


  Thanks for any guidance.


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