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All of the changes required by bookshare are preserved if you convert from docx to rtf. If you do some sort of extra formatting to make it easier for you to read, those may be lost, but then the bookshare tools that convert to DAISY and brf would most likely also remove them. In other words, what you are doing is fine. I edit in Word without converting to docx since both rtf and docx can be read/written by Word (in fact, both formats were invented by Microsoft).


On 11/19/2015 1:38 PM, Gary Petraccaro wrote:

I'd leave them as they are with a note at either beginning or end as to what's going on

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Hey Guys,
I’m scanning this book that contains three complete novels in it.
Well, I got up to page 115 in the first novel and decided to check
the final page number to see how far I still had to go. Well it
turns out that each of the three novels begins numbering pages
from page 1. That is, the first novel ends on page 198, then page
numbers begin again with 1. The second novel ends on page 174 and
then the final novel begins on page 1. Now I need to know if these
pages need to be numbered as though they were starting from the
final page number of the first novel, or can I leave them as they are?
I have a feeling I know the answer, but I want to make sure.
Thanks much.

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