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  • From: "Gerald Hovas" <geraldhovas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 15:22:01 -0600

Anyone like to rescan this book?  I haven't joined my local library yet and
probably won't join for another month or two.  It would take me at least
that long before I could get to it.


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Hi Gerald,

I'm going to push the rating down to "fair" and cc this to Rui Cabral,
who can place this on the list of books that need to be re-scanned.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Feel free to send a note to
the bksvol-discuss list and see if anyone is willing to take up the


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From: Gerald Hovas [mailto:geraldhovas@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Another Incorrect Rating

        I have another with an incorrect rating.  It's rated Excellent,
but needs
a rescan.

Helm by Steven Gould

It not only has more misspelled words than I would expect to see in a
with an Excellent rating, but is missing a word at the end of many of
lines.  It would be difficult to follow in some sections if you haven't
the book before.  It's possible that the validator could have rated it
higher than it deserved due to it containing Japanese terms related to
Aikido, but only if they didn't read it.  Marissa, If you would like to
verify the problems, I suggest searching for the word "Chinese" and
3 or 4 pages.  This is probably the worst section of the book.  I'm not
using Victor Reader Soft from the download tools, but it appears that
page number might be 89 since there's an 89 just above where you find
word "Chinese".  It was page 82 of the .XML file in OpenBook, and
appears to
be page 72 of the actual book.


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