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I validated one book by this author and found it quite enjoyable.


A member has requested the following...
> Dirty Girls on Top by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez.
> Synopsis:
> Sequel to the Dirty Girls Social Club--
> Lauren Fernandez is at the top of her game as the cleverest
> columnist the
> Boston Gazette has on board-but she can't quite figure
> out how to pick a guy
> or how to eat (and not drink) like a healthy person. 
> Usnavys is still
> sashaying all over town, 260 pounds of her dolled up in
> designer duds and
> ready for action-from anyone except her husband Juan, that
> is.  He's become
> just a bit boring staying home scrubbing the tub and
> cooking up chicken
> fingers for pre-schooler Carolina while somebody else
> brings home the bacon.
> Maybe the other Dirty Girls could help Lauren and 'navy
> out, but they've got
> their own messes to deal with: Rebecca Baca hasn't
> gained a pound since
> college (well, who would, if they had an ounce of
> self-control?) but
> suspects her picture-perfect marriage may not yield the
> baby she longs for;
> Sara may be the star of her own decorating show on cable
> television, but her
> dangerous pull toward her ex-husband Roberto isn't so
> pretty;  Amber keeps
> renaming herself and doesn't want to hear that her
> soulfulness and
> reinvention aren't enough to make fans actually buy her
> music; and Elizabeth
> is discovering that a relationship with another woman takes
> more than
> bravery and a nesting instinct.
> I'm nomail on the lists at the moment so can't post
> this myself.
> Thanks,
> Allison

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