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  • Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 12:59:02 -0700

Eddy Stephens and I are pleased to announce a new resource we are developing called

Accessible Books on the Web

We are using a blog format to build a sort of database of all the sources we can find of accessible books, including other tools related to them.

We have:

ebook sites
accessible book sources sites
accessible book discussion groups
book reader device sites

We are just starting out so there is nowhere near the number of tools we hope to include. We definitely want to learn of others.

The links are divided in two different ways. You can find which links were posted on what days. More useful will be the labels that will allow you to find numerous resources in a given category.. the categories listed above.

We are doing this to create a tool others like us can use. We are not limiting the lists to books specifically for people who are print impaired but include links to commercial ebook and audio book sites and devices. I personally get books from NLS but I also get them from BookShare, Kindle, Audible.com and many other sources.

Come visit!


Nan Hawthorne
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