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  • From: "John Glass" <John.G@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 15:38:06 -0800


The Bookshare team has been hard at work again, and we have released 2 new 
features today which we think you are really going to like.

There is now a second edit box on our pages which allows you to search the 
entire Bookshare site.  This feature is very helpful when you are looking for a 
specific page or document.  It can save a lot of time when you have a good idea 
of what you are looking for, but  can't remember where it lives on the site.
Partial strings can be entered into the box, and the results expand out.
Please give us your feedback on this functionality, so that we can fine tune it.

Our second new feature concerns the quality of scanned books in the collection, 
and what is returned to users when they perform a search.
It gives you control of seeing all books, or only excellent quality books in 
your search results.
The default for all new accounts is to see excellent quality books.  This 
should ensure that new subscribers, especially students have a great reading 
experience, and benefit from the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.
For all existing accounts, the default is to show all books, so existing users 
won't notice any change.
For people who would like to change this setting, you will find the option 
under preferences, on the "my account" page.

John Glass
Customer Support Manager, Bookshare
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Fax:  +1 650 475-1066

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