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  • Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 16:40:52 -0500

To give ABBYY the capability of recognizing special characters like that ae diphthong, go to the language editor by pressing control+shift+L. Select the "specify languages manually" radio button, and create a new language. Select the radio button that says "create a language based on an existing one", and choose English as the language. Then click OK. Give your new custom language whatever name you want, make sure the source language is English, and paste the following into the alphabet field:
Click ok, and you'll be taken back to the language editor. Make sure your custom language is selected, click OK again, and you're finished. After that, any special characters, standard diacritics, etc should be recognised by the program whenever you perform an OCR on a file. if you ever find a special character that it doesn't recognize because it wasn't in that list, you can easily edit the custom language and augment its alphabet.

On 16/11/2015 15:08, William Korn (Redacted sender willythekorn for DMARC) wrote:

The ISBN printed in the book I just submitted is incorrect. When I presented it to the submission application, it came up with the metadata for another book from the same publishing house. I was able to secure the proper ISBN by going to a website containing the publisher's bibliography, which Bookshare confirmed by putting up the proper metadata.

Is this common? Does my doing this in any way disturb the balance of the universe?

Since I'm here... another question.

This same book had a number of unusual characters in it, such as accented vowels, as well as the character for the dipthong which is represented by the letters "a" and "e" smushed together. The ABBYY OCR software did not read them correctly, so I corrected them by hand. Can Bookshare's processing software handle them correctly (or was I wasting my time)? If so, does anyone know if there's a setting in ABBYY that will capture them correctly?

Bill Korn
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