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Many people cannot make sense of 2-dimensional pictures of 3-dimensional objects.

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I Don't necesarily think it's a totally blind thing. I think it's a congenetally blind thing. I've been blind in some form or another all my life. I could see ratehr well as a little kid, and have lost slowly throughout my life, til my near-total status of today. The point is, if one has missed seeing a good number of things through their life, spacial concepts can be difficult to understand. I know I can't make sense of tactile graphics either. I also don't get how a three domensional shape can be expressed on a two dimensional flat surface. The two just don't make sense to me. They may as well be two unrelated animals!

So, either the spacial stuff isn't just restricted to life totally blind folks, or I'm just messed! <smile>.


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Hi Cindy,
Occasionally tactile graphics are made of pictures, but I have always found
them impossible to interpret. Having been totally blind from birth and never
having seen I can't seem to make the jump between the way a 3-dimensional
object, such as a tree or animal, feels when made into a 2-dimensional
drawing, even if it's a raised drawing. Sometimes I can't even tell what a
stuffed animal is supposed to be. But I don't have that problem with real
animals--we had many cats while I was growing up and I could always tell
them apart, even kittens from the same litter.

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