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Below is a link to and the information from their web site.  It is a service
offered through the National Federation of the Blind.  I used this service
years ago when my daughter was of the appropriate age, but at that time it
was a lending service.  This information seems to indicate that the books
are made available permanently, but I didn't dig any deeper than the first
page of the site.  And yes, they provide braille calendars free of charge.

Peace and Hope,


(Begin included information):

American Action Fund
for Blind Children and Adults

Free Braille Books Program!

Blind kids want the same things that sighted kids want.  They want to watch
their favorite television shows, go roller-skating with the gang, buy the
fashionable shoes, and read the newest popular book.  We at the American
Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults (AAF) believe blind children ought
have the opportunity to do all of these things, and we are working to make
this possible.

In 1997 the AAF started a new program to provide to blind children a FREE
Braille book every month from a popular children's reading series. The
published every month are the same titles that are available in bookstores
everywhere.  In the first three years over 60 titles from five of the most
popular children's reading series-Goosebumps®, Goosebumps® Series 2000,
Baby-Sitters Club, Baby-Sitters Club - Friends Forever, and Animorphs®-were
to thousands of blind children.

The book series currently offered through the program are The Nightmare
Room, Nancy Drew®, and the Little House Chapter Books.  The Nightmare Room,
a new
series by R.L. Stein, author of the Goosebumps® series, is targeted to
children grades 5 and up.  The still-popular Nancy Drew® series is
appropriate for
children grades 3 and up.  The Little House Chapter Books are adaptations of
the classic Little House novels.  These books are suitable for children
2 and up.  Blind youngsters, blind parents, teachers of the blind, schools,
and libraries serving the blind are eligible to participate in this program.
 Participants may enroll in and withdraw from the program at anytime.  And
the books are FREE!

No child should be left out because he or she is blind.  Because of this
program blind children can now discuss the newest book with their classmates
build their very own collection of books-just like their sighted friends.

Fill out an
and mail it to:

American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults

Free Braille Books Program

1800 Johnson Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Click here for a
Complete List of Books

For any questions, call (410) 659-9314 ext. 361, or email

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