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Great discussion everyone. It is always encouraging to see people itching for 
the next challenge. We're all for it!

It may not be apparent but the manual is as much a "consensus document" and a 
chronicle of best practices that this community has evolved as it is a set of 
regulations imposed arbitrarily from the outside. Of course, we need to work 
within the possibilities of DAISY and BRF. We need to be aware of what has been 
written into Bookshare's DAISY converters. The fact is, when a sub-group of 
volunteers decides together to tackle a scanning or proofing problem we often 
see some valuable innovation that helps us all.

As volunteers take on increasingly difficult and complex books - and raise 
their sense of what level of quality they want books to have in Bookshare - new 
advice gets presented and adopted. 

I see a suggestion here that we adopt non-sighted/sighted partnerships for 
working on maps for example. Does anyone want to step up to that challenge? How 
to format such things as glossaries, appendices, etc.? If so, be sure to share 
with me any new ideas, processes, or standards you come up with. 

Scott Rains
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Hi, speaking strictly from my point of view, if it's in the book then I leave 
it in. I do have a gripe, though. I know certain things may not be considered 
core material such as glossaries, appendices, etc. but I figure if you have 
gone through the whole bother of proofreading the text as a whole, I'd want to 
make sure whatever is in the book is presentable and readable. Of course, it 
wouldn't hurt to get some mentoring on how to format such things as glossaries, 
appendices, etc. I'd certainly appreciate such advice if I were proofreading a 
book of fantasy containing such materials. I couldn't do a thing about maps 
unless there was sighted assistance available, but the other things, I'd think 
it would be my duty to make sure it was readable. I downloaded an Indian 
cookbook possessing a glossary, and believe me, it is a mess and not usable. 
That really bothers me. Regards, Kim Friedman.
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As someone who scans a lot I kind of would find it offensive to know the 
proofreader deleted things it took me so long to scan. Yes, lists of books 
available from the publisher at the end of the book aren't core content, but if 
I thought it was worth the time to scan them so that readers who can't utilize 
the print book can have access to the same thing I can, then I would hope the 
proofreader would leave them in.

Jamie in Michigan

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