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Just spoke to Peter about the matter.  Bookshare is advising us that any 
of the adult content categorization we have discussed here should go in 
the Review field after book approval and publication.


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[bksvol-discuss] Adult rating

You all make very good points. I didn't realize that
the Adult rating blocked anybody's access. I was
thinking of it only in terms of telling senstivie
people as well as parents that the book might contain
contents they wouldn't want their children, even
teenagers, to read. Adults aren't blocked from
downloaded books rated Adult, are they? Anyway,
henceforth I'll just put warnings in the long summary.
I think before, in addition to the adult rating, I
explained why I'd rated the books that way in the
comments section, but that, as Guido explained,
obviously wasn't the right place. I can't remember if
I put it in the summary or not.

I'm glad there are other Bertrice Small fans out
there. I've just recently discovered her, and I'm
hooked. When I finish filling some requests, I'll go
back to scanning (unless Donna finds more books to
scan, grin)and submitting those. 


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