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Hi, all.

I have just submitted The Sisters of the APF by Zane to step one. This book is 
definitely erotica, and so, was classified as adult content. Kurzy gave it a 
99.85 rating. The only thing the validator will need to do is work with the 
headers a little bit. They were a pain to get out. Also, I might have 
accidentally entered the title incorrectly, so be aware of that. As always, if 
you have any questions, you can contact me at:

Here's the synopsis:

Fans of Zane's APF sorority stories, which have appeared in earlier

collections including The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth, wanted more

and Zane has given it to them. Here is a full book about the sexy escapades

of APF, a sorority dedicated to sexual freedom and the fulfillment

of its members. Their on-campus antics are off the hook and Zane, as ever,

turns the heat up so high the pages are practically sizzling....


Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them 
the power of naming themselves.

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