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Just a quick note to say that Adobe is working w/other vendors to make
Adobe Digital Editions accessible w/their products also. Currently
it's based on Windows UI automation, which seems to be supported fully
only by Jaws at this time. This is an important, allbeit very late in
arriving, development. I post this because accessible reading
materials is a subject that touches every one of us in our various
endeavors, whatever they may be. Linux users are still left in the
dark, as it were, but it appears that Mac & Windows are supported.

All my best.

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I wanted to let this list know about a new version of Adobe Digital
Editions.  This version, v1.8 adds accessibility support that was
largely absent in the previous version (completely absent if you are a
screen reader user).

With this new version, which is free to download and use, users will
be able to borrow books from public libraries in the US that use
Overdrive, and users will be able to read EPUB books purchased from
vendors like barnes and noble, google, kobobooks, ebooks.com, and
others.  Naturally, the web site selling the books needs to be
accessible (e.g. barnes and noble doesn't label the "buy now" button)
but once you have the book you can read it.

There are some limitations - currently JAWS is the only screen reader
that works with Digital Editions.  We're talking with other vendors
such as GW-Micro and NVDA and hope that they will work soon also.  For
JAWS users, JAWS 12 is the tested version, but I've heard that it
works with JAWS 11 and heard that it does not work with JAWS 10.

We have a blog post with more information and are also holding a
contest drawing for a gift card for a free book to encourage people to
try out a purchased book with Digital editions - the drawing will be
held monday so sign up soon!


Contest: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=aqcFo7KT7bUxbnqPKVCmRw

The download location for Digital Editions 1.8 is

I'm interested in people's feedback, please take a look and let me know.

Andrew Kirkpatrick
Group Product Manager, Accessibility
Adobe Systems

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might even be the culprit
Jackie McBride
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