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Honestly, I can't think of what he read I just think the voice sounds

If only the voices sounded more natural you could make a play with the
voices.  Someone would have to invent a markup language for thoroughly
controlling the speech.  You can already use two voices by bolding or
italisizing text of one speaker, so that Kurzweil will switch to the system
voice for that text.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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> Sarah V. said:
> I could sware that AT&T Rich is actually made with the voice of one of the
> British readers for NLS, but I can't think of his name in order to ask all
> of you if you know what I mean.
> What does he read? I could find him in the NLS catalog. *smile* Yes, I
> a curiosity about mainly useless facts.
> I wish we could plug in sound samples, and create speech in whatever voice
> we chose. I don't care for any of the samples mentioned in this discussion
> so far, but I agree with Sarah, it's best to test them on a sample of your
> own chosen text.
> My dream computer-speak/narrator would be Jillie Meers, who is a British
> actress, who seems to do mainly radio work. (she's in Westway, if there
> any fans of it here. She's Dr. Margaret Sampson.) The closest comparison I
> can make is to say that she sounds a bit like a British Grayson Hall (that
> would be a lovely choice too.) or Lauren Bacall. Speaking of Bacall, there
> is an NLS reader who sounds remarkably like her as well, accent and
> all!--Cyn Delafield -
> anyone heard her? Sadly, she doesn't seem to read many of the kinds of
> I enjoy.
> Joanie

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