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Congratulations, Barbara! I know from experience what a bear cookbooks can 
be to scan, so thanks for taking the time to validate it. I love and collect 
whatever cookbooks I can get my hands on, so I know I'll be getting this 
one, and I appreciate the time I know it had to take for you to do this. 
Take care.
Julie Morales
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For you cookie loves, I finally uploaded A to Z Bar Cookies. I did not know
how to get rid of the Hold for Barbara in the title. Is this okay? Can 
 tell me how to delete the Hold for next time? It is extremely difficult to
validate cookbooks because the scanning program did not scan the information
in  columns. Therefore, I had to cut and paste the information into the
appropriate  areas on the pages. Furze 11 might have done a better scanning 
job. If
not,  perhaps, there is a better way to get cookbooks into accessible forms.


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