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I know nothing about Open Office. That could be the solution to the
problem, but I dread the process of learning something new again. Let me know 
the find and replace goes and if anyone here knows if it now works well with
JAWS or not please tell me before I download and waste a lot of time with
something that I can't use with JAWS.

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[bksvol-discuss] Re: A proofreading problem to watch out for.   
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Roger, I opened Word Pad just to play with it. I can't find a way to show
the hidden marks like you an in Word. I know that in the past I was told Open
Office does not work well with Jaws, but I thought I saw someone say that
maybe now it does? I might have uninstalled Open Office but let me see if I
have it. I should have it either on my desktop or my laptop; I only
uninstalled it in once place. Open Office is free from
 and it works a lot like Word from what I remember. 

Ok, Open Office does display the formatting like Word will. But I am still
working on how to do a find and replace in OO. 

It's not the ^p like it is in Word.
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