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Hello Monica and all, 


The optimize setting I have found has helped me in learning how to fine tune
settings. I like to run the optimize twice and from there if I still am not
getting the results I demand, I can start changing things a little bit at a
time. From this, I am slowly getting an understanding of what to look for. I
haven't found there is a magic list of things to do since scanners do vary
and play into the mix. 



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Katie Hill 



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Hi, Kerri.  As Jill has said, using 2 page mode will put page breaks where
they need to be.  Using the optimize scan feature will adjust things like
the brightness and resolution for you.  That's why it's such a handy feature
to use before scanning a whole book.  Another thing I do to get good scans
is located in the general settings area.  I make sure that hyphen correction
is turned on, and in the box for the confidence threshhold, I move it from
Kurzweil's default setting of 95 up to 98.5.  Your settings should be saved
after you adjust them.  The fast way to do this is to press alt t and then
the letter v.  Making these adjustments to your default settings will make
sure they transfer to new settings files when you make them later on.  I
hope this helps.  I haven't had my coffee yet and am not sure I'm actually
awake yet.  (smile)  

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