[bksvol-discuss] A Summer Project?

  • From: Scott Rains <scottr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 11:00:01 -0700

Having passed the midway point for summer 2011 I have been wondering how far 
through their summer reading scanning, or proofing lists people have gotten. I 
am impressed by the literary output of Bookshare volunteers recently and 
wondering if there isn't an energy there to be tapped.

Judy S. recently created a bibliography of Bookshare books on a topic close to 
her heart - horses. Shelley Rhodes just shared her tribute to Judson her guide 
dog. Chela Robles let us read her biography. Not long ago release of Michael 
Hingson's book was getting a lot of discussion on the list :

Bookshare is often open to input for blog posts. Maybe you have some ideas to 
contribute. Some topics on a summer theme they'd like to hear about:

What were your top reads from the Bookshare collection for summer 2011?
What is still on your summer must read list?
What to-be-published books are you looking forward to?
What sort of Bookshare Special Collection bibliography would you create if you 
could? Do you have titles to suggest to make that collection even more complete?

Happy end of July.

Scott Rains

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