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  • Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 19:25:41 -0700

Well, I finally got it up there.  The book is called Transcension by Damien 
Broderick.  It is Science Fiction.  I hope the validator reads the comments I 
put in the form.  All of the chapter headings, as well as the title and author 
on the title page, are in lower-case letters.  I hope whomever doesn't decide 
that they are errors and "fix" them.

Ironically, after all the recent talk about validators reading through 
submissions, I hope whoever does this one does the minimum, unless they are 
familiar with the book.  There are a number of other peculiarities in the book 
which might be taken as errors if someone doesn't notice their consistency.  
For example, the chapter headings with Arabic numbers are followed by a space, 
a colon, another space, and then the chapter name, whereas those chapters 
starting with roman numerals are followed by a colon without the space.  I 
really enjoyed the book, but it was a lot of work to get into shape.

For any who are interested, here is the synopsis from the dust jacket:

Damien Broderick has been a leading Australian SF writer since the seventies, 
winning numerous awards. His novel The Dreaming Dragons was named one of the 
100 best SF novels. His recent nonfiction book, The Spike, is a mind-stretching 
look at the wonders of the high-tech future. Now in Transcension, he brings to 
life one of the high-tech futures he imagined in The Spike, a 22nd-century 
Utopia pervaded by nanotechnology and ruled by a benign but coldly objective 
AI. Transcension may be Broderick's best book yet.

Amanda is a brilliant violinist, a mathematical genius, and a rebel. Impatient 
for the adult status her society only grants at age thirty, but determined to 
have a real adventure first, she has repeatedly gotten into trouble and found 
herself in the courtroom of Magistrate Mohammed Abdel-Malek, the sole 
resurrectee from among those who were frozen in the early 21st century, the man 
whose mind was the seed for Aleph, the AI that rules this Utopia.

Mathewmark is a real adolescent, living in the last place where they still 
exist, the reservation known as the Valley of the God of One's Choice, where 
those who have chosen faith over technology are allowed to live out their 
simpler lives. When Amanda determines that access to the valley is the key to 
the daring stunt she plans, it is Mathewmark she will have to lead into 

But just as Amanda, Mathewmark. and Abdel-Malek are struggling to find 
themselves and achieve their potentials, so is Aleph, and the AI's success will 
be a challenge to them and all of humanity.

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